About us

We just want to play.

We want to see you play.
This is the core message and philosophy of our agency.
We mediate and accompany.

To do this, we try to create synergies.
Professionalism is a prerequisite, passion a condition.
We work on par.
Always alert and curious.
Creativity is our driving force.


With over 18 years of professional experience, Geertje is the agency's namesake. She supports and looks after all actresses and actors regarding management matters. She is the foundation on which the agency is built.


Roland is the string-puller and networker who, as an actor, is an "insider with an external view". He connects all the links with the help of many years of expertise and contacts.


Sometimes you wish you had a dog with real bite in an agency.
We wanted to offer Molly this position, but after long and honest discussions, she declined.
Her reasoning was: We're not like that! You can talk too! I think communication is your strength. So, all is good!
UMMM.....I need to go for a walk... please, pretty please.
Yours, always